At McGervey Wealth Management, our process starts with what matters most – you.  Our mission is to help you achieve more than just a certain percentage return on your investments.  Instead, we provide a holistic service that addresses all parts of your financial life, so you can achieve your real goals with confidence.

We start by diving deep, gaining an understanding of what is most important to you and your family. From there, we work with you to gather the necessary data so that we can carefully dovetail your dreams and objectives together with the financial data that will drive your family’s bottom line.

We use outcome-based planning, which means everything we do is purposefully chosen to support your goals and control your risks.

Building Your Wealth In Good and Bad Markets

Increasing your net worth in bull markets is easy, but what happens when the market gets rocky?  At McGervey Wealth Management, we understand what’s at stake – your life savings and peace of mind.  You’ve worked hard your entire life to get here – that’s why you will get service from our entire team and investment committee, and not just one advisor and one opinion.  Your investments are managed in-house, as well, instead of being farmed out to a money manager, you’ll never meet.

We’re also different because we focus on the full economic cycle, not part of it.  Too many advisors pay attention to buying investments, but your financial plan’s true success lies in your selling strategy. Without one, you may make progress in bull markets, only to find yourself giving back too many gains when the cycle changes.

At McGervey Wealth Management, our unique full-cycle investment process helps preserve and grow your assets no matter what the economy or stock market is doing.

Nationally-Recognized Expertise

Our expertise has been sought by national TV networks including Fox Business, CNBC, CNNMoney, CBS, MSNBC, and Bloomberg, as well as by top business publications and regional print vehicles (such as The New York Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press, and Crain’s Cleveland).

You’ll Feel Confident and in Control

Our mission is to inspire you to make informed decisions so you can stay on track to achieving your goals. We do this by not only communicating our recommended strategies but also helping you understand why we believe these strategies will be the most effective. In our experience, this approach helps you feel more confident and motivated to achieve your goals.

We welcome your questions and take the time to distill strategies into easy-to-understand explanations. We understand that you’re not in the financial industry, so you simply don’t have time to learn all of the terminology and details.  So it is our job to explain it to you in a way that saves you time.

Fee-Only, Transparent Pricing

McGervey Wealth is a fee-only advisor, meaning we don’t get paid on commission. Why does this matter? Because commissions can create conflicts of interest and sway recommendations. We don’t receive any commissions, so we simply give you objective advice that is in your best interest for a fee.  Our interests are mutually aligned: the better you do, the better we do.

Also, we select your investments ourselves instead of paying a third party to do it – this cuts out the middle man and removes a layer of hidden cost for you.

Our fees are straightforward and transparent.  You’ll always know exactly what you are paying before any work begins. And we include unlimited support, so you can call or email us anytime.

Fiduciary Duty

When you get financial advice, you should always insist on working with a fiduciary.  A fiduciary is legally required to put your interests before theirs.  Surprisingly, few firms providing financial advice are required to act as your fiduciary.  Some are simply held to a “suitability” standard, where they may recommend a product that pays them a higher commission as long as it is generally suitable for your needs.

As you can imagine, this can be hazardous to your wealth.  That’s why McGervey Wealth Management acts as your fiduciary at all times.  We have done so since our founding.

Simplify Your Life

When you become a client, we are here to help make your life easier with all financial decisions and challenges, big and small. What does that look like?  By taking a holistic approach, we will become familiar with your entire financial life, including your assets, your liabilities, and your personal cash flow.  We will recommend refinancing options for real estate, or help with debt management, or tax reduction, for example.  If you’re a business owner, we can provide recommendations for succession planning or the eventual monetization of your business.  Whatever is causing you headaches in your financial life, our unlimited support offers you relief and assistance, when you need it. 


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