Business Planning

People who create wealth trust us with theirs.

McGervey Wealth Management never settles for the easy way when helping you build your wealth, especially when you are a business owner with a complex financial life.  We are disciplined, relentless, and methodical in our approach. We never relax … so you can.

McGervey Helps You Maximize Your Wealth

If you’re a business owner, you’ve got far more wealth-building opportunities than the average person, whether you realize it or not.  From business structure to tax-planning strategies to owner compensation and business monetization strategies, we can help you find ways to leverage your business to build wealth.

We Help You Increase the Value of your Business

  • Identify opportunities to lower costs and/or increase profits
  • Assist in establishing processes and systems
  • Help you develop strategies to reduce dependency on owners and key personnel
  • Monitor progress against goals to ensure meaningful improvement
  • Help develop succession plans/ business monetization strategies

We Help You Save on Taxes and Increase Your Personal Wealth

  • Research and identifying tax minimization strategies
  • Find ways to use retirement plans to increase your tax efficiency
  • Implement your approved plans with your accountant and/or attorney
  • Create a plan for you to reach financial independence apart from your business 

 Business Wealth Is Not Created Equally

People who create wealth trust us to invest and manage theirs. Part of it is because of our relentless drive and disciplined process. Part is how McGervey Wealth Management takes a holistic view that includes strategies to optimize both your personal and business wealth.

We integrate the two by building your personal balance sheet in the context of business objectives and capital requirements.  This is different from the more standard approach that views personal wealth as if isolated from the business value you’ve created and grown throughout your career.

McGervey Wealth also knows that reducing your tax burden is a vital wealth-building strategy for business owners.  We help you aggressively pursue opportunities to minimize taxes using different qualified plans, along with other strategies.

Our business planning service is far more involved than others you may have tried.  We talk, we communicate, we share, we educate and we get personal — by taking a completely customized approach.  As you well know, no two businesses are alike, which means no one should ever try using a cookie-cutter plan.

Put plainly, we dig deeper.  Along the way, we explain everything we do for you in an executive summary manner, not confusing industry jargon.   While financial firms are notorious for doing that, and leaving you confused or annoyed, that’s no basis for a partnership.

Instead, our goal is simply to help you achieve your financial goals, faster.

We help you increase the value of your business and we help you save on taxes and increase your personal wealth.

Our introductory 90-minute meeting is complimentary.  Let McGervey Wealth Management help optimize your wealth.