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People who create wealth trust us with theirs.

You are unlike anyone else.
Your wealth plan must be as singular.

McGervey Wealth Management does nothing by rote.

How can a unique individual’s wealth plan come off the rack? We reject this all-too-common financial advisor standardization, based on the simple premise that you, your family and career … your hopes, dreams and aspirations … are yours and yours alone. The money behind that life has to be created, invested and managed in a way as unique as you and your life.

Maybe that’s why people who create wealth trust us with theirs. We never settle for the easy way, and always drive beyond ordinary financial planning.

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Our approach was born out of a holistic philosophy.

McGervey custom designs your wealth plan, with a full view of your particular circumstances.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you see a generic person? Of course not. You are an individual, and your financial approach should be for your individual circumstances. Even the label of business owner or high-net-worth individual is far too general.

Our approach is balanced because your life is balanced. Together, we consider the advantages of wealth balanced with what money can’t buy (peace of mind and true happiness), along with practical considerations balanced with emotions (the importance of family and your defining aspirations).

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Wealth is earned.
Here’s how we earn yours.

Peace of mind sounds like a soft, comfortable place. But achieving peace of mind about your financial future requires hard, arduous work. We live it. We are passionate about it. We pay attention to it, and we know the details that make a difference in our client's lives. As Mike McGervey puts it, “The more comfortable our clients want to be, the less comfortable we can be.”

McGervey Wealth Management is driven to help you establish that peace of mind through a dedication to detail and application of expertise that’s all too rare. It isn’t easy, though we do it every day through a tested and successful process that defines our comprehensive, holistic approach.

The process is to answer a series of fundamental questions: 1) Who are you?; 2) What do you want?; 3) How can you get there?; and 4) Where are you on your journey?


Goal Identification — This is about much more than just financial goals. We gain a deeper understanding of what you care about and how you think, for a personal and confidential profile. We examine your past, where you stand today and your view of the future — a full view to establish life goals and financial goals. We gauge your risk tolerance and agree upon a long-term foundation. Over time, we compare what’s happening with these goals to identify areas for improvement and address factors requiring adjustments.



Plan Development — We look at your current situation before connecting your goals to a specific, personal financial plan. Taking nothing for granted, we study financial resources such as income and assets, personal cash flow, balance sheet and tax status. We perform a SWOT analysis (mapping Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) and view your current statements for portfolio strengths and weaknesses. This rigorous financial physical provides clarity, while letting us see if your goals are consistent with your level of acceptable risk. All of this helps us design a wealth plan that most efficiently takes you from where you are to where you want to be.



Strategy Selection — Here is where goals are translated into action. Before any decisions are made, we help you to understand everything that has gone into your plan, and educate you about the possible outcomes related to selecting prospective strategies. It’s only natural that we discuss how different scenarios can impact your life now and into the future. By modeling a variety of scenarios based on years of experience, we develop and demonstrate solutions in a detailed and all-encompassing plan. We subsequently fine tune investment allocations to best align with that plan.



Transparent Communication — Your plan and strategies are not stone monuments, untouched and immobile. A truly holistic plan remains current and stays dynamic, making clear and regular communication the key to reaching goals. We communicate regularly, based on your preferences between in-person sessions, email, telephonic, or a combination. We dedicate ourselves to proactive, transparent sharing of intelligence; full and constant access to performance reports, planning projections and studies; and regular reviews and statements. Modifications and enhancements may be instituted to better align goals to results, or adjust goals as desired.

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Steps to Your Future

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Before our first meeting, you can download a confidential introduction packet below, so we can be prepared to discuss your financial situation.


This is your opportunity to tell us more about yourself and to hear how we work. We’ll present our approach as it relates to your confidential financial picture.


If you like what you hear, then we get to work. You provide us more detailed information so we can prepare various scenarios designed to create and optimize your wealth.


With your data in hand, we develop and then present various scenarios to you — all custom-tailored to your personal and business situations today and your wealth goals for tomorrow.


Once you select the scenario that best fits your financial goals, personal values and present circumstances, we put it all in motion.


Just like you perform maintenance on your car, it is even more important for us to be vigilant in regular review of your wealth plan.

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