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McGervey Wealth Enhanced Services make 1+1=3.

There is a compound effect, in which the whole outperforms the sum of its parts. McGervey Wealth Management has formulated the optimal mix of enhanced analyses to integrate the phases of your financial lifecycle — accumulation, management, distribution and retirement — into a strong synthesis working together in a comprehensive manner. Comprehensive, yes; complex, no.

McGervey makes the complex simple by explaining everything in common, clear and plain terms. We practice full transparency and welcome communications.

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This cumulative effect enhances wealth accumulation.


McGervey Wealth Enhanced Services work best when fused into a powerful combination. McGervey Wealth makes the complex simple. Through education and communication, we help you make informed decisions. You get the accumulated strength of analyses, along with an understanding of how the key elements of your wealth plan complement one another.

Which only makes sense — because it is your money after all, and you deserve to understand the decisions you are making. Here’s how these services benefit you and combine to create a tailored, comprehensive solution that encompasses your entire financial picture:

Custom Wealth Plan Design

McGervey will not settle for the standard, off-the-rack approach of too many ordinary advisors. Never. Your plan has to be made specifically for you and your circumstances. Always. Call it stubborn, but it’s the type of stubborn your financial life deserves. McGervey approaches wealth planning with a comprehensive and customized foundation that sets everything in motion (and gets reassessed on an ongoing basis).

We evaluate your current financial world by analyzing income and expenditures, then forecast future needs to attain your financial goals in order to chart and evaluate the most efficient path to your wealth destination. This also takes into account key factors such as life transition, business transition and generational transfers — yet allows for seemingly intangible elements such as emotions (peace of mind and aspirations) and relationships (family and other obligations). In addition, because our services are fee-only, our investment recommendations are objective and fully aligned with your best interests. We also meet regularly for reviews, to make any necessary adjustments.

Tax/Estate Planning

Our goal here is to minimize your tax obligations and extend the longevity of capital, while preparing an efficient transfer of wealth in partnership with your legal counsel. Many business owners and high-net-worth individuals pay more in taxes than necessary. Evaluating recent tax returns to model potential tax strategies and alternatives can help us identify and capture future savings.

We aim to use the tax code to your advantage, whether it can be attained based on your business structure or retirement plan or individual investments. Tax law will also impact the best asset distribution approach we recommend. Your legacy, whether family or charity, must minimize administrative burdens while maximizing the value distributed.

Portfolio Management

Today’s investors demand much more than what has been acceptable in the past. You want to act, not react … reason rather than speculate … custom create a portfolio instead of diversifying by default. McGervey Wealth Management uses a disciplined, time-tested process that goes beyond the ordinary to create your portfolio and dynamically manage it. Simplistic diversification is no longer good enough.

We understand that investing styles move in and out of favor over time. McGervey Wealth begins by analyzing broader economic factors — known as macroeconomics — to determine primary portfolio drivers. This is like finding the haystack with the most needles rather than searching for a single needle in a haystack. We then determine which sectors and geographic areas should benefit most, and then focus on stock and security selection.

Decisions are made on solid reason, not emotional reactions. Actions are dynamically based on actual market and fundamental realities, not speculation about what somebody thinks might happen. Your financial advisor works with our Investment Committee on an ongoing basis to manage your portfolio. While working with your Custom Wealth Plan, your financial advisor provides you with a personalized investment strategy and continually evaluates your portfolio in order to achieve your goals.

Decisions are validated weekly. You always know what’s happening and why, with full access and open communication. McGervey Wealth Management believes that education fuels transparency, so we can be objective about recommendations because we only succeed when you succeed. We operate at all times in a fiduciary capacity, acting in your best interests and holding ourselves to a standard to earn and keep your trust.

Risk Management

The impact of risk cannot be oversimplified or ignored. Ordinary financial advisors are often more comfortable talking about building wealth rather than protecting it. McGervey Wealth Management understands how crucial it is to maximize wealth while minimizing the potential impact of unanticipated events that could otherwise prove catastrophic. You can’t eliminate risk, so we recommend protections to mitigate risk, given your circumstances.

For instance, we analyze and calculate transferable risk with the understanding that an insurance company can cushion it more cost effectively than you can. Together, we gauge your comfort or aversion to risk. With that distinction drawn, we can more effectively analyze and calculate transferable risk; and evaluate your potential exposure respective to life insurance, income replacement, business succession funding, as well as disability and long-term care coverages.

McGervey Wealth is also a fee-only insurance advisor, allowing us to serve our clients in a true fiduciary capacity and provide independent, unbiased advice. We receive no form of commission or incentive, and advise our clients with one goal in mind — to provide absolute peace of mind.

Concierge Services

Business owners and individuals of high-net-worth experience a more complex financial life than most people. Makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is that you have to deal with that complexity yourself.

McGervey Wealth makes the complex simple, with a level of financial concierge services that provides access to the highest standard of professional expertise, a full network of specialists curated for your needs. You enjoy insight, guidance and administrative support for all aspects of your financial picture. This spans investment and risk management to real estate and business planning to retirement and family/lifestyle.

Leading Technology

McGervey Wealth Management is dedicated to the importance of education (which never ends) and communication (which is constant), so we are always investing in the newest ways to enhance our ability to connect with our clients in a meaningful manner.

Our technological resources enable you to see your entire wealth landscape. You have greater access than ever, with choices to collaborate via virtual meetings or use your client portal for real time communication. No matter the medium, you benefit from proactive conversations when urgent situations arise, as well as financial acumen to guide more insightful decision-making.

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