Investment Management

Why Choose McGervey Wealth for your Investment Management:

Our time-tested strategies are managed by the McGervey Investment Committee, comprised of experienced portfolio managers, fundamental analysts, and technical analysis specialists, which avoids you from relying too heavily on any person’s singular opinion.

At McGervey Wealth Management, we use a Full-Cycle Investing Process that strives to keep your portfolio more stable in all market conditions. (Learn more about our Full Cycle Investing process .)

In today’s complex market, it’s risky to go in search of a needle in a haystack. Instead, we help you find the haystack with the most needles.

-Mike McGervey, CFP®, CRPC®, Founder

In today’s volatile market climate, stock picking and simplistic diversification are no longer enough. You want to act, not react … reason rather than speculate … custom create a portfolio instead of diversifying by default. McGervey Wealth Management uses a disciplined, time-tested process that goes beyond the ordinary to create your portfolio and dynamically manage it.

As importantly, we don’t outsource your investments to a manager you’ll never meet. We believe that puts you at risk since a third-party manager never gets to know you, your responsibilities, and your preferences.

Instead, you will meet eye to eye with your investment manager. We create a portfolio that’s right for you, not right for the average person your age.

Decisions are made on solid reason, not emotional reactions. Actions are based on actual market and fundamental realities, not speculation about what somebody thinks might happen.

Investing in today’s uncertain climate is a challenge. Your life savings shouldn’t be at the whim of one person who might make a call based on emotion. Instead, at McGervey Wealth, all investment decisions are made by our Investment Committee to ensure balanced and reasoned decisions. This is an important risk management step we believe is too often absent with individual financial advisors, but critical to your financial well-being.

Investment decisions are validated weekly. You always know what’s happening and why, with full access and open communication. We believe in educated clients, so we invest a lot of time making sure you understand and are comfortable with the investment strategies in use. We can be objective about recommendations because we only succeed when you succeed. We operate at all times in a fiduciary capacity, acting in your best interests and holding ourselves to a standard to earn and keep your trust.


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