Need more than the stock financial advice.

Robert (54) is a human resources manager and his wife Kristina (52) works part-time as a realtor. They have one child who has two years of college left. They worry that they started thinking about retirement too late in their earning years, but they find consolation in the fact that they have accumulated more than $500k in liquid assets. Their combined income is high, and his benefits package is generous. Robert has maxed out his 401k contribution and participates in a stock option plan. Kristina has been faithfully contributing to her IRA. However, they are uncertain how to build a more diversified portfolio at this point in their lives. They perceive that their financial situation may be unique for a couple in their 50’s. They need a financial advisor who understands their goals and can help them achieve: total financial peace of mind when they retire.

Because their income is high, their son has received very little financial aid for his college education. As a result, a considerable portion of their income will be directed toward financing their son’s education for the next two years. They are uncertain how to balance this expense with investments in their retirement.

Robert and Kristina are looking for someone who can help them get started on investing for their future. They also need someone who can help balance their present expenses and income. They are looking for a guide and a coach. As naturally detail-oriented individuals, they seek someone who will help them reach their goals while explaining the how and why of each financial decision.

Pain Points:

  • Robert and Kristina know they need more than the stock financial advice given to average investors in their fifties.
  • They desire an advisor who knows the ins and outs of their specific lifestyle and can help them build a portfolio to reach their goal.
  • They want to be deeply involved in the decision-making process. They want an advisor who will take the time to explain their options.
  • They need someone who looks to their future without neglecting their present. They are seeking holistic services – everything from planning and investing to estate and insurance.