Wants a coordinated financial strategy.

Greg (50) and Julie (48) own a local restaurant that was started by Julie’s parents over 50 years ago. When Julie’s parents passed they left her and Greg the restaurant, building, and the land. Fortunately, the restaurant has been very popular and has a local following. Greg and Julie are not ready to retire. But they are now at the point where they are becoming increasingly concerned that they do not ‘have a plan’. They have been using the services of a CPA to help them with the finances of the restaurant. They started working with a large brokerage firm to assist with their retirement planning, but they don’t feel that they are getting the personalized service they desire. Plus it seems that the account has large swings up and down. They are re-assessing whether they trust their current broker. Is he looking out for them and their best interests?

Pain points:

  • Greg and Julie want a coordinated financial strategy for their business, retirement, estate, and tax planning.
  • They want a financial advisor who has experience working with small business owners
  • They don’t have a succession plan in place. They have no plan in place. They are worried about this.
  • They want to make more money with less volatility.
  • They want to work with a financial advisor who is honest and has their best interests at heart. They are looking for a long-term relationship with an advisor.