Wants to leave a legacy, but isn’t sure he can.

William (68) has taught for over 30 years. He is widowed with 2 grown children. One is married and lives nearby with 3 grandkids, and the other lives in New York and recently became engaged. William would like to retire in the next year (or two) depending on his financial picture. He is a participant in his teacher’s retirement program and has also been a diligent saver throughout the years and has amassed a sizable portfolio, including some real estate. He is looking for a financial advisor who can help get everything organized and show him a plan where he won’t run out of money. He has had a dream of leaving a legacy scholarship award to a deserving student on a yearly basis. He also wants to leave money to his children as well as a few charities. He needs an advisor who understands his wishes and dreams and can help him achieve them. He may need the assistance of a tax advisor as well as an estate advisor so he wants a financial advisor who will work closely with the other two professionals.

Pain points:

  • Wants to leave a legacy, but isn’t sure he can.
  • Wants to have enough money to retire and live comfortably, but isn’t sure he can.
  • He has several accounts, in several places. He needs to get organized.
  • He does not want to lose money, especially this close to retirement.
  • He wants to work with a reputable, trustworthy financial advisor who clearly communicates both what he can expect to pay, and what he can expect his money to earn.