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We take a holistic approach.

Too many old school financial advisors like to confuse you to sound smart. Other “new thinkers” play with money like fantasy football. Except it’s your money they’re using.

McGervey Wealth Management respects your intelligence. You run a business; you’re a high-net-worth individual; you have achieved success. Therefore, you must know what you’re doing — so we can get down to the business of building, protecting and managing your business and personal wealth.

We say business and personal because McGervey Wealth takes a holistic approach to your financial future. Your plan is developed in a fully customized manner, because McGervey Wealth Management understands that no two situations are alike. The only reason anyone would use a standard approach is to save their own time and effort, or they don’t have the talent and experience. We instead believe that hard work pays off, for your wealth and for our firm.

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Here’s how we're better than ordinary wealth management firms:


We start with an effective game plan and we make recommended adjustments along the way, working together as a team. McGervey Wealth Management is different because of our proven, disciplined approach based on tested processes. Those who built wealth — business owners and other high-net-worth individuals — trust us to build theirs because everything we do stubbornly adheres to a controlled methodology, while rigorously evaluating and confirming our direction. Nothing is taken for granted and nothing is done by chance.


We want you to understand everything we do and the rationale for each recommendation we discuss. McGervey Wealth Management simplifies the complex by speaking with you in clear, understandable common language, free of lingo or “moneyspeak” that many employ to baffle you rather than communicate with clarity. If you have a question, ask it. Should you need a clarification, reach out. When you want an update, call or email. After all, how can you make good decisions if you don’t understand what they’re based upon?


McGervey Wealth is a fee-only advisor, so we don’t earn any commissions by trading in your account. Instead, we act at all times in a fiduciary capacity, offering straightforward and transparent fees based on your account size. McGervey Wealth works on your behalf, in your best interests. Always. Because we don’t collect performance-based fees like many other firms, we don’t make recommendations for on our own benefit. Never.

Other firms say performance commissions promotes mutually successful investing, but they never admit that performance-based fees may motivate the manager to chase short-term returns and maximize commission collections. This exposes clients to substantial amounts of risk beyond their tolerance level, and even jeopardizes their retirement goals.

At McGervey Wealth, our interests are completely aligned with yours. Our fees are based on the level of assets in your account, so the only reason we would ever make an investment decision is to increase your account balance. You get the peace of mind that we are putting your interests first, and we only do better when you do better.


What is a fiduciary? Basically, a person or firm required to act in the best interests of the client at all times. Surprisingly, not everyone providing financial advice is a fiduciary. Brokers and Financial Advisors are generally not held to this fiduciary standard. Instead, they often earn sales commissions for the products they offer to investors, giving them an incentive to recommend products that aren’t always best for you, but might earn them a large commission.

McGervey Wealth Management holds ourselves to a fiduciary standard. We have done so since our founding. At the heart of a healthy client-advisor relationship is trust, which is why we use a straightforward fee structure, with ultimate transparency in every investment and decision we make together for your wealth plan.


Just as we simplify communications, we aim to simplify your life. We help. Your business has enough complexity, so McGervey Wealth Management seeks any way to make your life easier as we pursue the best possible means to grow, protect and manage your wealth. Whether it’s protecting against risk, limiting tax liabilities or updating you on new market realities, we offer calm counsel and measured advice, with just the amount of attention you prefer.


We have decades of combined experience, understanding the complexity of business tempered with proactive and dynamic work on behalf of dozens of business owners and high-net-worth individuals. Yes, McGervey Wealth Management practices a disciplined methodology; yet on top of that, our expertise has transcended what we do for clients — having been sought for insight by national TV networks and Northeast Ohio affiliate stations (including Fox Business, CNBC, CNNMoney, CBS, MSNBC and Bloomberg), as well as by top business publications and regional print vehicles (such as The New York Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, AP and Crain’s Cleveland).

A history of helping clients live better.

Having been an entrepreneur nearly all of his adult life, Mike McGervey opened McGervey and Associates, LLC. in 2003. After years of significant growth for the firm, it became evident that its affiliation with a broker dealer often encumbered their client relationships with proprietary products, which limited their solutions, investment offerings and ability to follow best practices.

This was more apparent in late 2007 and into 2008 when markets were contracting, and implementing a proactive approach to a recession-appropriate asset management solution was very difficult to implement. New technology was frowned upon, and most often not permitted. The path forward was clear, but it would make for a difficult road ahead.


In 2009, McGervey and Associates, LLC was renamed McGervey Wealth Management, LLC., severing ties with the broker dealer and registering with the SEC as a registered investment adviser. The firm’s solutions, investments and offerings could then encompass the entire universe of options. This truly aligned with advice that placed the client’s interests first by serving in a fiduciary capacity, regulated by the SEC to uphold the fiduciary standard. Clients embraced the change, and wanted to be part of McGervey Wealth’s value proposition, making the transition mutually beneficial.

Today, McGervey Wealth Management continues Mike’s dedication to education and continuous improvement. The firm’s disciplined processes ensure proactive client service, while delivering time-tested and prudent investment outcomes. Today the team consists of multiple Certified Financial Planner™ Professionals, Chartered Fund Specialist, CPA, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, MBA and investment analysts. The McGervey Wealth commitment to well-qualified professionals and delivering an exceptional client experience has never been stronger.

Wealth Insight

Leading TV and top business publications have turned to McGervey Wealth Management for wealth-building insight.

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Steps to Your Future

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Before our first meeting, you can download a confidential introduction packet below, so we can be prepared to discuss your financial situation.


This is your opportunity to tell us more about yourself and to hear how we work. We’ll present our approach as it relates to your confidential financial picture.


If you like what you hear, then we get to work. You provide us more detailed information so we can prepare various scenarios designed to create and optimize your wealth.


With your data in hand, we develop and then present various scenarios to you — all custom-tailored to your personal and business situations today and your wealth goals for tomorrow.


Once you select the scenario that best fits your financial goals, personal values and present circumstances, we put it all in motion.


Just like you perform maintenance on your car, it is even more important for us to be vigilant in regular review of your wealth plan.

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