Wealth Management Strategies

A cookie-cutter portfolio can often do more harm than good. Yet these simplistic models are more common than you’d think. Far too often, financial advisors take an approach that provides a choice of only one, the same portfolio they offer to all their other clients.

At McGervey, we don’t agree with that approach.  We’ve seen far too many people come to us after finding out, usually too late, that their investments didn’t fit their risk tolerances.  That’s why we do things differently. Instead of prescribing something that may or may not work for you, we work with you to help you find the strategies that best help you accomplish your goals.

While it takes more work, it’s well worth it.  You’ll end up understanding and feeling more comfortable with the outcome since you were part of the process.

When it comes to your money, don’t settle for cookie-cutter.

We give you recommended strategies from which to select — all designed to most efficiently achieve your goals. We’ll help you understand each one so you can make the best decisions possible with the confidence of knowing why.

Then, our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ professionals, CPAs, financial advisors, and insurance specialists will develop a personalized plan that gives you the power and the path to realizing your dreams.

Wealth is earned through prudent processes applied with discipline. 

At McGervey Wealth Management, we believe in processes, applied with unwavering discipline.  And when you work with us, you become part of that investment process, so you have a strong understanding of how and why you are investing.  This helps you feel more confident about your money and your financial future.

Additionally, your investments are managed in-house….not by a money manager you’ll never meet.

Our time-tested strategies are managed by the McGervey Investment Committee, too, which avoids you relying too heavily on any person’s singular opinion.  The committee is comprised of experienced portfolio managers, fundamental analysts, and technical analysis specialists.

We select your investments by identifying trends, studying technical and security analyses, and evaluating macroeconomic factors.  Once in place, your portfolio is monitored weekly.  All of this is integrated with your financial plan to bring you an investment strategy that helps you feel confident…not confused.

An investment philosophy built for both good and bad markets.

Investors the world over have come to discover that traditional investment practices just don’t always work anymore.  For example, bonds have always been known as a dependable portfolio stabilizer.  But in today’s low-interest-rate environment, you may find your bonds dropping along with your stocks, instead of cushioning the fall.

Most financial advisors have not kept pace with the change our global markets have experienced.  That’s why many people find their portfolios swinging violently in times of market volatility.  While that might be fine for a young person who has decades to recover, you can’t effectively plan your future with that “buy and hope” mentality.

Today’s uncertain climate calls for more prudent practices, updated for today’s realities.

At McGervey Wealth Management, we use a Full-Cycle Investing Process that strives to keep your portfolio more stable in all market conditions. (Learn more about our Full Cycle Investing process .) This approach helps you focus on preserving your wealth as well as growing it.

We also keep you informed and educated along the way, so you’re comfortable with your strategies. This helps keep you invested for the long haul, so you can keep the power of compounding working for you.

We serve as your fiduciary because it’s the right thing to do.

Many financial advisors are paid commission on all the investments they recommend to you. So they only get paid when they sell you something.  Since it’s your money, and more importantly, your future, we don’t believe that is a good business model.

Instead, McGervey Wealth is a fee-only fiduciary advisor.  We don’t get paid on commission.  We are simply paid a fee, by you, the client, in exchange for advice.  This is similar to how you pay your accountant or attorney.

We also serve as your legal fiduciary, meaning we commit to putting your interests first, always.

Many other firms do not hold to this standard.  That can (and should) leave you wondering if you’re getting real advice or just product pitches.

We’re very different.  Instead of pushing products, we simply search for the best ways to help you achieve your goals.  As fiduciaries, we expect to be held accountable for our advice and management. We believe that’s a better way to do business…and simply the right thing to do.


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