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Need more than the stock financial advice.

Robert (54) is a human resources manager and his wife Kristina (52) works part-time as a realtor. They have one child who has two years...

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Do we/will we have enough?

John (38) owns his own solar energy company, and Samantha (38) is an RN. They have 1 child in elementary school. Together they have a...

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Wants a coordinated financial strategy.

Greg (50) and Julie (48) own a local restaurant that was started by Julie’s parents over 50 years ago. When Julie’s parents passed they left...

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Needs to feel comfortable with her new advisor, she needs a bit of hand-holding.

Maggie (60) is recently widowed. Her husband was a dedicated and well-loved surgeon and his death was sudden and unexpected. They have 3 children and...

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Wants to leave a legacy, but isn’t sure he can.

William (68) has taught for over 30 years. He is widowed with 2 grown children. One is married and lives nearby with 3 grandkids, and...

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Just as turning 50 years old is a pivotal moment in most people’s lives, reaching $500,000 is a pivotal moment for your portfolio.  Download our complimentary eBook to learn more.