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Tired of financial complexity? Learn how our unique approach helps you get in control of your money and achieve your goals faster.
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To achieve financial security and independence, you need more than traditional financial advice. At McGervey Wealth Management, you get full-service investment management and ongoing financial planning direct from experts. That means no outsourcing, no cookie-cutter advice and no extra layers of fees.

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Delivering Clarity and Peace of Mind

Financial planning is not a one-time event. That’s why with the McGervey MethodTM, you’ll get proactive, continuous help. And not just with your investments; our service includes wealth planning, cash flow forecasting, tax and estate planning, social security optimization, college funding and more. When you’re ready to put uncertainty behind you, we’re ready to get to work.

More Control

Many financial advisors outsource, meaning your money is managed by someone you’ll never meet. Instead, you’ll work directly with our experienced money managers for investing and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professionals for financial planning. You’ll get custom strategies tailored to your needs, so you’ll feel more in control.

More Clarity

As your wealth increases, your financial life usually becomes more complex. We’re here to help you optimize every part of your finances, so you’ll experience compounded benefits and see measurable results. As a result, you’ll feel organized and confident.

More Progress

Most aspire to financial independence, but few achieve it. Continuous, proactive attention makes the difference. Your financial plan won’t just sit on a shelf. Instead, we’ll be actively working on managing risk, reducing taxes, and maximizing your cash flow, finding better ways to help you achieve your goals.

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When your portfolio reaches $500K, learn about the Top 5 Money Moves to Make.

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Learn how our unique approach helps you get in control of your money and achieve your goals faster.