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McGervey Wealth Management never settles for the easy way when helping you build your wealth, whether you’re a business owner or an individual who cares about your entire wealth picture. McGervey Wealth is disciplined, relentless and methodical. We never relax … so you can.

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Leading TV and top business publications have turned to McGervey Wealth Management for wealth-building insight.

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The Power of Wealth
Accumulation, When 1+1=3 

Leverage your personal wealth + Leverage your business value + Strategy

Business owners, as well as individuals with high net worth, have complex wealth-building opportunities. From how their businesses are structured, to tax-planning strategies, owner compensation and business monetization, McGervey Wealth Management provides insight on how best to leverage business value to build wealth.

If you are a business owner — or an individual who wants to maximize your wealth-building potential — we take a comprehensive, holistic approach to ensure your personal wealth and business assets are contributing to your wealth creation and growth.

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Will I outlive my money?

Your peace of mind about building wealth is what drives McGervey Wealth Management to work harder.

The most-asked question of founder Mike McGervey is: “Can I retire yet retain the same lifestyle?” Mike, who may know more about delivering peace of mind to clients than anyone in the area says, “The more comfortable they want to be, the less comfortable I can be.

"Earning and protecting wealth requires a level of vigilance ordinary investors or financial advisors don’t have the time or energy to deliver. McGervey Wealth is here to allow our clients to sleep at night by evaluating everything that comprises their wealth.”

Help Me Optimize My Wealth

McGervey Wealth Enhanced Services

Not just ordinary retirement planning...

Business owners demand a greater degree of attention and depth. So do knowledgeable investors and those who’ve been more proactively dedicated to their retirement. They won’t settle for ordinary financial planning. Neither does McGervey Wealth Management.

With McGervey Wealth Enhanced Services, we craft a unique, comprehensive plan that guides you toward your wealth destination.


McGervey Wealth designs a personalized, comprehensive plan that directs you toward your current financial situation to financial freedom.

• meet regularly for evaluations and reviews

• chart the most efficient path to your wealth destination


We analyze your current financial situation to understand what is important to your family today and for the future. 

• actively manage assets to current market demands 

• implement our 4-step disciplined investment process, providing you proactive advice to achieve your goals


We proactively minimize your tax obligation: 

• extend longevity of capital

• establish estate plan with more efficient transfer of wealth by partnering with your legal counsel


McGervey Wealth analyzes and calculates your transferable risk, which if left unchecked, could be catastrophic to your portfolio. 

• evaluate life, long term care and disability coverages

• income replacement needs


You will have access to our curated network of professional outsourced services.

• insight and assistance with your complete financial picture.

• Investment Solutions, Risk Management, Real Estate Financing, Retirement Planning, Accounting/Business Planning, Family/Lifestyle


Our technological resources allow you to view your entire wealth picture and collaborate with us via online video meetings.

• real-time communication through our client portal

• proactive educational insights to address urgent needs


Steps to Your Future

Get started with our comprehensive financial planning process: The McGervey Method™


Before our first meeting, you can download a confidential introduction packet below, so we can be prepared to discuss your financial situation.


This is your opportunity to tell us more about yourself and to hear how we work. We’ll present our approach as it relates to your confidential financial picture.


If you like what you hear, then we get to work. You provide us more detailed information so we can prepare various scenarios designed to create and optimize your wealth.


With your data in hand, we develop and then present various scenarios to you — all custom-tailored to your personal and business situations today and your wealth goals for tomorrow.


Once you select the scenario that best fits your financial goals, personal values and present circumstances, we put it all in motion.


Just like you perform maintenance on your car, it is even more important for us to be vigilant in regular review of your wealth plan.

Download Our Client Confidential Profile Packet

If you'd like to schedule an introductory meeting with us now, please visit our online booking calendar or call us at (330) 493-9300 today.

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