Strategy Selection

We tailor your personalized investment strategy to your distinct needs, goals and tolerance to risk, giving you strategies from which to select.

It’s your money. You should understand how it is invested.

McGervey Wealth Management makes this possible with our disciplined and distinct process.

A cookie-cutter portfolio is bad business. Yet it’s more common than you’d think. Far too often, financial advisors take an approach that provides a choice of only one, the same portfolio they offer to all their other clients.

McGervey works WITH you. That’s different. McGervey learns about you and your unique goals. That’s different, too. And McGervey provides you with alternatives that are custom designed for you based on that knowledge, along with the help you need to make informed decisions. That’s really different!

Help Me Develop a Sound Strategy

When it comes to your money, don't settle for cookie-cutter.

McGervey Wealth tailors your personalized investment strategy to your distinct needs, goals and tolerance for risk, giving you strategies from which to select — all designed to most efficiently achieve your goals. That way you get choice and value. Through our ongoing practice of education and communication, we then help you make the best decisions with the confidence of knowing why.

We make the complex simple, because making the best decisions can only be accomplished by providing you with the insight you need, ensuring you have a solid understanding of what we’re doing together, and why and how it benefits you.

Then, our Certified Financial Planner™ Professionals, CPA's, skilled Financial Advisors and Insurance Specialists will develop a personalized plan that gives you the power and the path to realize your dreams.

Help Me Optimize My Wealth
McGervey Wealth acts in a fiduciary capacity, because it’s the right way to invest.

Many investment advisors like to push investment products that make them money. Since it’s your money, McGervey Wealth doesn’t think that’s right. Instead, we serve in a legally fiduciary manner, solely in your best interests and entirely objective, without any conflicts of interest.

Many other firms do not hold to this standard, often earning sales commissions for the products they offer investors. They recommend products that aren’t always best for you, yet might earn them a large commission. We don’t have products, we don’t push products to benefit ourselves and we don’t earn commissions. As fee-only advisors, McGervey Wealth is compensated based on the level of assets in your account, so the only reason we would ever make an investment or trade is to help your account balance go up.

We search for the best ways to help you achieve your goals free of ulterior motives and expect to be held accountable for our advice and management. This ensures trust, while our proactive portfolio management provides a dynamic way to meet your financial objectives, continually evaluated for alignment with your goals.

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Wealth is earned. Discipline is how.

You are part of the investment process with McGervey Wealth Management. Once you thoroughly understand the options appropriate for your goals, we make recommendations on strategy selections, to implement your personalized plan the way you want.

McGervey Wealth lives for process. Business owners and high-net-worth individuals choose us because disciplined, purposeful investing makes common sense, business sense, and financial sense.

Our time-tested strategies are managed by the McGervey Investment Committee, comprised of a dedicated team of portfolio managers, together with fundamental and technical analysts. A personalized plan is built to a specific investment strategy based on your own Family Index Number. We view your financial world and goals by identifying trends, studying technical and security analyses, surveying macroeconomic factors and monitoring on a weekly basis.

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Leading TV and top business publications have turned to McGervey Wealth Management for wealth-building insight.

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Steps to Your Future

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This is your opportunity to tell us more about yourself and to hear how we work. We’ll present our approach as it relates to your confidential financial picture.


If you like what you hear, then we get to work. You provide us more detailed information so we can prepare various scenarios designed to create and optimize your wealth.


With your data in hand, we develop and then present various scenarios to you — all custom-tailored to your personal and business situations today and your wealth goals for tomorrow.


Once you select the scenario that best fits your financial goals, personal values and present circumstances, we put it all in motion.


Just like you perform maintenance on your car, it is even more important for us to be vigilant in regular review of your wealth plan.

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