Do we/will we have enough?

John (38) owns his own solar energy company, and Samantha (38) is an RN. They have 1 child in elementary school. Together they have a combined income of over $250k. They started working with a robo-advisor a couple of years ago, figuring that would be the best way to minimize fees and maximize their returns. Because John is self-employed, he has been using the services of a CPA. Samantha has been participating in her employer’s 401k match program. They think they are on the right path but lately have become aware that there is no cohesive ‘plan’ guiding them towards their goal: college tuition for their daughter and a stress-free confident retirement for themselves. They have decided to find a local financial advisor who can help them create a comprehensive financial plan. They want to find a professional who can unravel their finances and provide clarity so they can move forward in the smartest way possible. They need an advisor who can offer personalized service, not the cookie-cutter service they were getting from the robo-advisor.

Pain points:

  • Do we/will we have enough?
  • John and Samantha are both busy with work and raising their only child. They need help sorting through their current financial situation to create a clear pathway forward to their goal: college tuition for their daughter and stress-free retirement.
  • They don’t want cookie-cutter advice any longer. They want to work with an advisor who takes the time to understand their specific goals and needs and helps them to develop a customized plan.
  • They want to work with an advisory firm that can assist them with all of their financial needs.