Small Business Owners Choose to Work With Our Wealth Management Firm located in Ohio

Small Business Owners Choose to Work With Our Wealth Management Firm located in Ohio

7 Feb 2022

The wealth management strategies that shape your investment portfolio ultimately determine your financial success, failure, or stagnation.  If you own a business in Ohio, you need a proven financial advisor on your side.  The industries best are fee-only fiduciaries.  Instead of collecting a commission for pushing specific investment vehicles or other related products, fee-only fiduciaries are completely objective.  

Choose a fee-only fiduciary in Ohio for wealth management and you will move forward in full confidence knowing this professional’s advice is unbiased, accurate, and rooted in factual analysis rather than slanted subjectivity.

The Full-Cycle Investing Every Ohio Small Business Owner Needs

Digital wealth management for small business owners should be characterized by full-cycle investing.  Full-cycle investing strategically aligns clients’ investing dollars with the dynamics of the domestic and global economy.  Though you don’t have time to study the idiosyncrasies of the economy nor those of the overarching worldwide economy, our investment advisors specialize in such analysis.  


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Entrust our financial advisors in Canton, Ohio to develop a full-cycle investing strategy on your behalf and you will be liberated to focus on your business rather than your investments.  We keep our finger on the pulse of the economy as well as the stock market, empowering you to devote the entirety of your time and energy to what you do best.  

Full-cycle investing is highlighted by strategic pivots amidst economic and stock market troughs, peaks, stagnation, and other points throughout the cycle.  This unique approach to investing also accounts for inflation, stagflation, deflation, and reflation, adjusting client holdings accordingly.  

So don’t invest your precious free time attempting to master the nuances of stock market investing and analyzing the economy.  Your time away from work should be spent with family and friends rather than poring over economic and investment data.  

Wealth Management That Balances Risk and Reward

There is an age-old debate as to whether it is better to lean toward risky investments with boom-or-bust potential or those that are comparably conservative yet unlikely to generate sizable returns.  There is no concrete answer to this question.  As a small business owner, you need a formidable nest egg that increases in size, yet an overly conservative investing strategy has the potential to reduce the value of your investment portfolio as inflation continues to devalue money.  

Even if deflation occurs in the years ahead, it is only a matter of time until inflation rears its ugly head once again and devalues your investing dollars.  Instead of choosing an investment strategy, setting it, and forgetting it, the investment advisors at McGervey Wealth Management actively manage investment portfolios on behalf of small business owners.  

We balance risk with reward to safeguard the money you have worked so hard to accumulate without subjecting your nest egg to a potentially significant reduction in value should a bear market or extended inflation arise. 

Instead of abiding by conventional investing logic, we embrace irreverence for the norm.  Our unique approach to investing on behalf of small business owners centers on the careful observation and analysis of worldwide and domestic economies and markets.  Ohio small business owners need and deserve a strategic allocation of their hard-earned money across diverse sectors and asset classes.  

The specific investments that are ideal for your portfolio hinge on whether the economy is in an inflationary period, a period of growth, a period of stagnation, or likely to behave in a different way in the near future.  The overarching goal is to expand the value of your portfolio for years to come instead of myopically focusing on short-term performance.  

The moral of this story is small business owners should not choose a financial advisor that strictly relies on conventional asset allocation models.  Expand your horizons, consider the merits of investment advisors that deviate from typical asset allocation strategies and you just might beat the market even if it is bearish or stagnates in the months ahead. 

Instead of strictly relying on typical asset allocation models, we take a different approach by closely monitoring global and domestic markets and economic environments.  We then strategically align your investing dollars with the best sectors and asset classes depending on whether the economy is in a growth or inflationary period. Rather than focusing on short-term performance, we strive for long-term financial success.  

Comprehensive Financial Planning for Ohio Small Business Owners 

Truly comprehensive financial planning centers on the right wealth management strategies for you and your small business.  Your investment aims and needs are undoubtedly different from those who do not own a business.  For small business financial planning in Canton, OH schedule a consultation with our fee-only, fiduciary investment advisors.  Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals will help you establish realistic goals for your personal finances with your small business’s financial picture squarely in mind.  

The next step is tailoring a financial plan to your financial picture as well as your overarching goals.  We then select wealth management strategies with your input and alter those strategies as necessary moving forward based on economic factors and market dynamics.  

This is the proactive approach every small business owner in Ohio needs to build and protect a diverse investment portfolio that serves as a metaphorical bridge to a comfortable retirement.  We take pride in providing disciplined investment management, all of which is handled right here in-house by our experienced financial advisors.  

At McGervey Wealth Management, we get to know you and your business on a personal level and keep things simple, using common language everyone can understand. To learn more about our full-cycle portfolio management techniques and how they can help your business contact us today.

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